(No Monthly Payments!!!This is a one off payment of £200)

In this package you will receive a custom nutrition program completely tailored to you! Your macronutrients and caloric intake will be worked out to the exact gram to guarantee accuracy.

I do this by taking into account the following information:

BMR-(Basal metabolic rate)-(Calories burnt without activity)

HARRIS BENEDICT FORMULA (BMR plus your activity level)

YOUR GOALS- Working out your macronutrient breakdown (Carbohydrates, fats and proteins), your caloric intake, the foods you need to be eating and the supplements you may need to take.

YOUR STATISTICS AND LIFESTYLE HABBITS- Once you have purchased the ‘Personalised nutrition program’ I will require specific information in order to complete your plan.

Once payment has been received I will send you a questionnaire to collect all relevant information and will aim to complete your plan between 3-5 working days.

You will have a complete breakdown of your carbohydrates, fats and proteins and most importantly we will make sure the plan is realistic for you to follow!

I also design these plans so you are able to edit them yourself. So you can literally use this plan for the rest of your life by simply swapping and changing your foods without getting bored of eating the same foods month in month out.

You will be able to replace a food item in your nutritional plan and add in the nutritional values of that food item within the same field. Your plan is designed to then automatically add in all of the other information by itself. So all you need to do is add in your desired food and its nutritional values and your plan will automatically update the rest. Just make sure you only add in the foods that are in your food examples page and you are still meeting your daily protein, carbs, fats and calories. These will be clearly noted at the bottom of your plan.

THIS PLAN ALSO COMES WITH 2 MONTHS FREE ONLINE COACHING – So you are able to contact me at any time of the day with anything to do with working towards your goals!


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