The Strength and Size Plan is for anybody wanting to gain lean muscle, get stronger and improve their confidence

The Strength & Size Plan is suited to anybody underweight or low to medium BMI (I would not recommend this plan if you are overweight, unless you’re an advanced athlete) If you are overweight you will benefit from the Fat Loss Plan and If you’re ready to make those hard earned gains more visible you will benefit from the Muscle Definition Plan.

The plan is suited to all levels. Your intensity and frequency is what determines the difference. Examples being; The heavier the load and the more time under tension the greater the muscle growth and the more controlled and ‘target muscle’ focused you are the better the results. Recovery time is also very important, some people need more time to recover than others. It’s best to listen to your body for this last factor. 


The Strength and Size plan provides you with 2 workout plans. 1 for training at home and 1 for training at the gym. You will pick the plan that suits your workout location and keep the other as a spare in case you decide to join the gym or start training at home. (I would highly recommend purchasing a half rack, adjustable dumbbells and a barbell for the home workout plan.

⋅ 2 workout plans 
⋅ Recommended calories, protein & carbs 
⋅ What foods to eat
⋅ Supplementation recommendations
⋅ Log section for weight, circumference measurements & transformation pics
⋅ Support with your plan


This plan is designed for you to gain both lean muscle and strength by focussing on myofibril hypertrophy (heavy weight low reps – long term muscle growth benefits) and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (Lighter weight, higher reps – Temporary pump, demanding glycogen and stretching the fascia of the muscles allowing blood and nutrients to get into the muscle more efficiently)

If you are a beginner, It may take a few weeks for you to notice a difference as your motor neurons are learning how to contract the muscles properly. But don’t worry if your new to strength training, as a ‘newbie trainer‘ your body is hyper-responsive to the stimulus provided by resistance training. So once your motor neurons have got the hang of it you’ll gain very fast.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE Strength and Size Plan?

You will gain lean muscle mass, become stronger and more confident.

You strength will increase as the weeks go by and will make your every day tasks seem much more effortless. You will decrease the likelihood of injuring yourself by recruiting all the necessary muscles to support your skeletal frame. The fluid in your joints will be more lubricated and your blood circulation will be much better too. Your cognitive function and motor skills will improve, allowing you to get get things done and keep you stimulated, alert and focussed. Your endorphins (The feel good hormone) will be released into your body, making you feel much happier and enjoyment from your days. Better sleep, improved sex drive and people will tend to get out of your way :D… Time to get started. Purchase Strength and Size Plan today and I will email the plan over to you asap…

(If you would like a plan completely tailored to you with 24/7 support and weekly checkins then choose the ONLINE COACHING PLAN )


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