The Muscle Definition plan is for anybody wanting to develop their muscles in symmetry and to make their muscles more visible. You will also feel happier and healthier and improve your self confidence.

The Muscle Definition Plan is suited to anybody with a healthy BMI. (Not underweight or overweight) If you are underweight you will benefit from the Strength & Size Plan and if you are overweight you will benefit from the Fat Loss Plan

Your intensity and frequency is what determines the difference. E.g. normal pushups will burns more calories and stress the chest and triceps better than pushups on the knees and training 5 times a week will burn more calories than 4 times per week.


The Muscle Definition Plan provides you with 2 workout plans. 1 for training at home and 1 for training at the gym. You will pick the plan that suits your workout location and keep the other as a spare in case you decide to join the gym or start training at home.

⋅ 2 workout plans 
⋅ Recommended calories, protein & carbs 
⋅ What foods to eat
⋅ Supplementation recommendations
⋅ Log section for weight, circumference measurements & transformation pics
⋅ Support with your plan


The human body naturally burns more calories each day to maintain a pound of muscle than it does to maintain a pound of fat. Therefore, the more muscle you have the more calories your body will naturally burn each day at rest. This plan is designed for you to develop more muscle whilst reducing body fat. (Don’t worry, you will not look like a bulky body builder, unless you do already!!) The many repetitions and short rest times won’t allow you to lift the weight needed to build up that big. You will subtly increase your muscle mass whilst primarily focussing on reducing body fat and training in proportion to have that all over muscle defined appearance. As for the (bulkers) this is the plan to take once you’re ready to make all of your hard earned gains more visible. You will not lose all your gains, only the fat hiding your gains. Your weight will drop slightly but I assure you if you follow the plan exactly you will be losing the right weight.

You will find I have included resistance exercises (weighted exercises) as well as different cardiovascular approaches such as circuits, HIIT, LSD and TABATA . Different training styles and techniques work for different people. Therefore, I have added in varied training approaches to keep your workouts exciting and to keep your body guessing.

The Muscle Definition  program targets every muscle, allowing you to grow in proportion, so no skipping sessions as this will ruin your symmetry through time!


Your body will look leaner, your jawline will look more pronounced and you will have an evenly proportioned body which is much more appealing to the eye.

Your everyday activities such as running upstairs, putting the push chair in the boot of the car, moving furniture and so on, will become much more effortless as the weeks go by! You will decrease the likelihood of injuring yourself by recruiting all the necessary muscles to support your skeletal frame. The fluid in your joints will be more lubricated and your blood circulation will be much better too. Your cognitive function and motor skills will improve, allowing you to get get things done and keep you stimulated, alert and focussed. Your endorphins (The feel good hormone) will be released into your body, making you feel much happier and more enjoyment from your days. Better sleep, improved sex drive, clearer- brighter skin, you’ll have much more energy and the list goes on… Time to get started. Purchase the Muscle Definition Plan today and I will email the plan over to you asap.

(If you would like a plan completely tailored to you with 24/7 support and weekly checkins then choose the ONLINE COACHING PLAN)


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