Completely tailored to you!




ARE YOU NEW TO FITNESS- NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO OR WHERE TO START? Let me save you 15 years of experience and provide you with all of the tools needed to reach your goals!

ARE YOU ATTENDING THE GYM ON A REGULAR BASIS BUT LOOKING THE SAME YEAR AFTER YEAR? Invest the same amount of time whilst investing in me as YOUR coach to see much greater results!

ARE YOU TIRED OF SAYING “I’LL START NEXT WEEK.”? We create our own barriers, no more putting things off, questioning everything and waiting for the ‘perfect time’. The time is here and now. I don’t just do this for work, I have a genuine passion for it! I WANT you to win, I WANT you be more confident, I WANT you to accomplish your goals, and together we WILL create the new and improved you!!

ARE YOU LACKING MOTIVATION? – I’m here to keep you on track! But as an added motive once you have reached your goal you will receive £50 of your money back for being loyal to your plan! (Approximate time frame 8 weeks)

So, are you gonna carry on waiting to take that next step or are you ready to roll?

Well, you’re just one click away from living a new life and leaving all those negatives and doubt behind you!

I’ll be waiting!… 😀

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The DDFW online coaching package is completely tailored to your lifestyle, goals and fitness level and includes all of the following:

24/7 SUPPORT(Whatsapp- We’re in this together!)

ACCOUNTABILITY (Leave all of the planning to me. All you need to do is follow the information provided and show up!)

WEEKLY CHECK INS (Checking your progress, making necessary amendments, resolving potential concerns, staying focussed)

WORKOUT PLAN (Related to equipment you have in your gym, at home and environment.)


ALTERNATIVE EXERCISES FOR EVERY EXERCISE (Essentially giving you two workout plans, this enables you to switch up your exercises depending on how your feeling on the day and gives you a backup exercise if your not able to get on the machine)

NUTRITION ADVICE (Tracking your calories whilst keeping it simple, realistic and enjoyable. Using My Fitness Pal)

WEEKLY (Supplementation advice)

YOUR LOG PAGE (Transformation pictures and a video if you’re comfortable to do so. This is where your before and after statistics will go (e.g- weight, bf, circumference measurements)

Once payment has been received I will send you a questionnaire to collect all relevant information needed to complete your Personalised Workout Program. I will then aim to complete your plan within 1week.

(No Monthly Payments!!!This is a one off payment of £199)


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