Send me a message on the Contact page of my website to book in your personal training sessions.

In this package you will receive a custom workout program completely tailored to you! This package also comes with Nutritional Advice.

(No Monthly Payments!!!This is a one off payment of £40)


  • Cover page
  • Plan Overview

Workout plan including:

Exercises for all muscle groups

✅ Alternative exercises for every exercise

✅ Worked Muscles

✅ Sets, reps and rest times for every exercise

✅Space provided for you to input your results

  • Your Log page- Take your before and after measurements and pictures and add them to your log page. Send your transformation pictures and log page to hello@ddfitnessworld.co.uk for your chance to be on the website and to be automatically entered into ALL of my future online and social media prize draws.
  • Motivational page
  • Nutritional advice-This will include the amount of calories you will need to be eating with your macro-nutrient breakdown and a variety of healthy food options.
  • Tips page- Plenty of useful information to help you achieve your goals
  • Danny’s details- All of my social media links for you to stay connected
  • Food examples list- A list of many healthy Carbohydrates, Proteins and fats
  • Questionnaire- Your completed questionnaire which you must fill in before I create your plan

Once payment has been received I will send you a questionnaire to collect all relevant information needed to complete your Custom Workout Program. I will aim to complete your plan between 3-5 working days.

THIS PLAN ALSO COMES WITH 2 MONTHS FREE ONLINE COACHING – So you are able to contact me at any time of the day with anything to do with working towards your goals!


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