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My Story

Hello my name is Danny Dobson. I’m an Online Coach, Fitness model and owner of Daily Definition | Fitness and Fashion clothing and this is my story.
To start with, I never thought I would be in the position I am today, in regards to my mental wellbeing and physical state. My main outlook now is to reach out to those who can relate and help turn negative thoughts into constructive and much more positive mindsets:
I’ve been training since I was 16 years of age, which believe it or not was how old I was in the picture above. As you can see I was very undeveloped and thin, I was experiencing a low state of mind to which I struggled with my thoughts on a daily basis. Everyone around me was maturing and growing into young adults, as for me, I looked like I was still in primary school. In that mindset, the thought of getting up in the mornings would bring on my anxiety along with the over analysing and self doubt.
I didn’t want to face myself in the mirror let alone the world. The only way I could think of adding up to my insecurity was to put on the ‘tough guy’ act. I got in a lot of fights because of it and ended up with a criminal record. I need to state this is not what I would advise, it actually made it all worse and is now one of my biggest regrets. This insecurity controlled my life in every way possible and I realised at the age of 16 it was time to do something about it!
My brother Matt introduced me to the gym and as soon as I saw the bodybuilders lifting weights I finally saw a solution! I thought to myself. “I can change my appearance, I can build muscle and actually look like the young adult I am and become more confident.” I knew I needed it, I bloody hated myself. I needed to know how it felt to be normal. To be able to focus on other things in life other than my insecurity.
I wanted people to look at me and say positive things that made me feel good about myself instead of reminding me of the one thing that I detested the most!
And this is where I started my journey…
As the years have gone by I feel so much more confident, I have a much better relationship with myself and the people around me. Since I told my story on ITV’s (This Morning) I now get approached by people telling me how much of an inspiration I am to either them, their friends or family and it makes me feel great knowing what a positive impact I’m now making on other peoples lives.
I NEVER thought I would get to this stage, but I have proven that if you want something that much you can not only achieve what you first set out to do, but you can go well beyond were you expected to go.
Some people may say it’s about self acceptance and not about how you look, but from my personal experience from physically developing my body and naturally ageing of course I have not only become much stronger mentally and physically but I have gained many attributes along the way. I’m much more compassionate, I have a greater amount of respect for myself and other people, I’m much more determined and disciplined. It just keeps going on. But of course, self acceptance is still a big factor. Sometimes though, you’ll never really get there unless you find a particular solution that works for you. My fitness journey as a whole has changed me from this insecure, naughty little sh*t into a confident, respectful adult.
I’ve now been fortunate enough to work with a large amount of talented photographers and I’ve won numerous competitions such as; Miami Pro World Championships including the overall win, Pure Elite Fitness Model, Norwich model of the year and I was titled MR UK in 2014.
Your fitness journey may not transform your life as dramatically as mine but at the very least by exercising, improving your eating habits and reaching your goals, it will make you feel a whole lot better about your life. Results, endorphins, self achievement, whatever it may be it’s all uphill the moment you decide to start your journey. I don’t just coach people for work, I have a genuine passion for it. Because I know how it feels to feel at our worst and I know how it feels to overcome the suffering.

I’ve helped a lot of people improve their confidence by helping them to reach their personal fitness goals and I’ve done this for many years now. I get such a buzz when my clients tell me what a positive impact i’ve made on their lives. Not just reaching their goals but hearing the little things like feeling better, having more energy, smiling more, learning to love themselves more, feeling more confident with people, feeling achieved, having better relationships, performing better at work and so on. It’s all of this positive feedback which keeps my passions high in what I do, as they are every day reminders as to where I started, how far i’ve come and why I do what I do now!

I pride myself on being able to express my caring nature of wanting to help others succeed and have a happy and positive outlook on life which reflects through the way I motivate my clients, this is all due to my own experiences in life and I’m now glad to say I feel the best I’ve ever felt. Fitness for me has made my life so much better and now I’m helping others with theirs.

I’m going to finish there as I understand it’s a long read. I just want to finish with thanking each and every one of you that has believed in me, shown me support, invested in me and helped me to get to were I am today!

Much love,

Danny Dobson