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Pure Elite 2018

Competing in Pure Elite was a completely unexpected and spontaneous decision. I put so much work into preparing for the Miami Pro Competition on April 15th and had an all out food binge afterwards. Many people were rooting for me to go for the Pure Elite Federation but I completely overlooked it as I hadn’t planned for it. After a lot of indecisive brainstorming with family, friends and work colleagues the company I work for Sentinel Leisure Trust offered to sponsor me for the Pure Elite Comp. This was the final push I needed which made me go for it! The only problem was, I gained a lot of body fat a few days after Miami Pro and I had just under 2 weeks until the Pure Elite show day on April 28th.

It was a very tough battle sweating and starving off the additional body fat I’d gained after the last comp and I put my body under so much stress I actually became quite ill. I’ve learnt a lot from this strict, unprepared event and will make sure to avoid feeling as low as this again by being more prepared and cheating smart after the next competition/s and not leaving myself too little time to get ready.

Anyway, I really rated the Pure Elite Federation. It was very well organised and I loved the way they emphasised everyone being part of the pure elite family. Everyone was bouncing positive vibes off each other on the day, cheering each other on and sharing knowledge.

The best thing about competing in Pure Elite was sharing the experience with my brother. The road trip up there, hotel, insta stories and the glorious victory cheat meal at the very end 😉

After a very intense few weeks I was awarded with the under 75kg Fitness Model 1st place trophy and came 2nd in the International Model category! I couldn’t believe it as the line up this time round was so much harder. My competitors looked phenomenal and that in itself felt very rewarding! 

After meeting so many incredible athletes I thought I would take advantage of being around so much talent and invite these god like creatures to become a part of my brand. I recruited many new sponsored athletes that have proven to be great assets already and have really helped towards the success of my brand- Daily Definition Ltd. Some of these new recruits are: Philip Clements and Ciaran Coyle the 2nd and 3rd place winners standing either side of me in the winners pic above!

I’ve now taken on new clients to prepare for future competitions including my brother Matt Dobson who will be competing in both the Pure Elite and Miami Pro Federations next year!

I am so grateful to Sentinel Leisure Trust for sponsoring me for the Pure Elite competition as I wouldn’t have gone for it without them! And after receiving the results it had proven to be more than worth while! This was the most stress I’ve ever put my body under but now I know what extremes I am able to push myself I can bring this and an even bigger package to the Pure Elite Pro division later this year!

I’m very proud to be a part of the Pure Elite Family!



Miami Pro World Championships

Miami Pro World Championships 2018

One of the biggest life lessons I have recently learnt is emotional control! The pain and suffering that we all go through can be the fuel to our success!
Earlier this year I found it very hard to feel motivated or excited about anything due to a few unwanted life changes. I already had many projects I was working on but I really needed something to completely change my mind set and focus. 
I signed up for Miami Pro and swore to myself to put all of my mixed emotions and feelings into this comp. After the first few weeks of prepping I became obsessed! Literally, every spare second around my day to day tasks I was doing something different to prepare for this comp. I was loving the feeling of being disturbed and forgetting about all the negative crap.
I went a bit far going into an intense Ketogenic diet as well as being on nearly a 1000 calorie deficit but the stress I was putting my mind and body under was keeping me occupied so I just stuck with.I got up on stage and I had every emotion I could think of: Nerves, worry, excitement, passion, hunger. And It struck me as to why I wanted it so bad in the first place. So I gave it my all and came away with 2 pro cards winning both ‘Fitness Model under 75kg’ and ‘Mr Model’ and just as I thought I couldn’t possibly be any happier I WON THE OVERALL which has just been published in the (July 2018) MUSCLE & FITNESS UK magazine!
So to share my experience and life lesson, every time you take a hit in life don’t sit and dwell on the problem. Just absorb all that fuel, get stuck in and go and gain new strengths!
I would also like to give a shout out to Angie Weston the owner of Miami Pro. I’ve been following her on social media for quite long time now and have really enjoyed watching her journey. She’s done an incredible job of Miami Pro and it was AMAZING meeting her at the comp! After winning the overall she’s asked me to help out in the MP Amateur division later this year to contribute towards another successful event. I love being involved in this industry and Miami Pro will always be my preferred federation as it’s were I first started. So i’m buzzing to be getting involved with the organising as well as competing again in the pro division next year 😀
Thank you Miami Pro! See you next year 
Summary- The benefits massively outweigh the negatives. I competed shortly after in the Pure Elite Federation and will be going for the Pro category later this year. Perfect reason to eat super clean and stay super lean! 😀

Postural Abnormalities 😱

Common postural abnormalities 😱‼️


I know there’s many things out there warning us about certain dangers in life and what to be cautious of or worried about but this is something I feel we should all keep a close eye on as it gets worse and worse each day your getting out of bed!

(All three of the below Increases stress on the spine and surrounding soft tissue structures. These also have a negative impact on our normal bodily movements so we need to be aware of them at all times)!

(Take a relaxed picture from your ‘front’ and ‘side’ to see if you have any of the following)…

☠Scoliosis (lateral deviation of the spine)
A lateral curve of more than 10degrees (sidewards bend of the spine)
👉Treatments: physical therapy, bracing and surgery

☠Hyperlordosis (excessive lower-back curvature)
The abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis) and trunk stabilising muscles (transverse abdominis) are weak and the lower back muscles (erector spinae) are short and tight. This gives a hollow back appearance which makes the stomach and butt stick out.
👉Treatments: Medication to reduce temporary pain or swelling, strengthen core muscles, yoga to increase body awareness, strength, flexibility and range of motion, weight loss and maybe even braces or surgery.

☠Hyperkyphosis (Excessive mid-back curvature)
The muscles at the front of the chest (pectorals) and upper back (upper trapezius) are short and tight and the muscles of the middle back (rhomboids and lower trapezius) are lengthened and weakened. This gives a hunched back appearance.
👉Treatments: Medication to reduce temporary pain or swelling, regular exercise and strengthening the back muscles, yoga to increase body awareness, strength, flexibility and range of motion, weight loss and maybe even braces or surgery.

The above postural abnormalities can be sustained or become worse with poor posture whilst walking, driving, working hours at a desk or lifting weights (light or heavy) with poor form. obesity, osteoporosis (weakened bones caused by age) and many more.

As time goes on with these continued bad habits we will find that these abnormalities will just get worse as time goes on. I would highly recommend you to become more aware of them now to prevent dealing with any of these potential problems in the near future.

If you would like help with working on your technique whilst performing your exercises in the gym (especially those big compound exercises) head over to my services page or email me at: to book in a one-to-one personal training session. Let’s help you to correct that posture and lift correctly so you can focus more on those progressions and enable you to reach your goals much faster!

See you at one of the Sentinel Leisure Centres!


My Story

Hey guys,

I’m Danny Dobson a Personal Trainer, Fitness model and owner of Daily Definition | Fitness and Fashion clothing.

I’ve been into fitness since I was 16 years of age. Before I started training I was very short and skinny, which was my main incentive to getting in the gym and working towards making myself look bigger, leaner and stronger to give myself the confidence I needed to face the world each day.

I received many remarks about my height and weight all the time, and each day the first and main thing on my mind was how short and puny i looked.
I wanted people to look at me and say positive things that made me feel good about myself instead of reminding me of the one thing that i hated the most! And this is where I started my journey…

As the years have gone by I’ve now become a well known fitness model. People from all over the world are congratulating me on my physique on a daily basis. Since my appearance on ITV’s This Morning people are now approaching me in my day to day life telling me how much of an inspiration I am to either them, their friends or family and it makes me feel great knowing what a positive impact I have on other peoples lives.

I NEVER thought I would get to this stage but I have proven that if you want something that much you can not only achieve what you first set out to do, but you can go well beyond were you expected to go.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some very talented photographers and I’ve won some great competitions: Miami Pro World Championships including the overall win, Pure Elite, Norwich model of the year and MR UK.
I’ve always questioned what I want to do with my life and what direction I want to take with my career and after years of studying different courses and working in different jobs I’ve never known what I’ve wanted to be. Then one day it just hit me- I love to train and i love to teach!

I’ve helped a lot of people improve their confidence by helping them to reach their personal fitness goals and I’ve done this for many years. I get such a buzz when others tell me how there looking much leaner or bigger or feeling stronger or healthier as a result of training with me! I feel just as good when people approach me in the gym asking me for advice or complimenting me on my physique and I want others around me to feel as good as I do which is why I’m certain being a Personal Trainer is right for me. I pride myself on being able to express my caring nature of wanting to help others succeed and have a happy and positive outlook on life which reflects through the way I motivate my clients.

So all along I have been doing what I enjoy, yet I never thought of doing it as a career. I’m now glad to say I feel the best I’ve ever felt. Fitness for me has completely improved my confidence and I feel so much more positive within myself. Knowing how good this feels encourages me to give the same experience to other people which is why I have become a Personal Trainer and decided to launch my own fitness clothing brand called ‘Daily Definition’ to get as many people involved as I can and to get them feeling like their part of a team!

I created Daily Definition to help people to discover themselves and to provide a strong guidance to allow others to bring out their personal meaning to life, just as I did. Daily Definition brings out the courage and focus within so we can express and demonstrate our talent and capabilities to the rest of the world.

Thanks for reading guys and thanks to everybody out there that has shown me support and helped me to get to were I am today!
“Never lose sight of your first intentions, make your dreams a reality. Commitment, motivation and willpower is everything.”

Danny Dobson




FULL NAME: Daniel Robert Ian Dobson


DATE OF BIRTH: October 12, 1988

HEIGHT: 5 ft 7″ (170 cm)

WEIGHT: 164 lbs- 74Kg

PLACE OF BIRTH: Leicester, England, UK

RELIGION Christianity

EDUCATION: Langham Primary School, Gresham Primary School, Cromer High School, Denes High School, Lowestoft College, Great Yarmouth College

OCCUPATION: Self-employed Personal Trainer and owner of Daily Definition clothing

Level 3 Personal trainer
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Nutrition Advisor


My Recommendations


Vo5 Matt Clay
I’ve found this works best with my hair. I used to use hair gel but i found this was much too heavy and even after plastering my hair with hairspray afterwards it would stick to my head like a swimming hat the moment it starter raining. Matt clay holds my hair in place without giving it that cheap wet look which darkens the hair colour. I keep full volume and colour and is stays in place all day long! Also you only need to use a tiny amount as it’s so effective, so works out being cheaper than most other hair products too 😀

Johnsons baby oil
Yep, even in my adult life! This stuff works a treat on my skin. I’ve tried many creams but nothing moisturizes better than Johnsons baby oil! I smother my body with this stuff before going on the tanning beds and it really enhances my tan. And you’ll never see me without a bottle when I’m on a photoshoot. Baby oil really helps to bring out the muscle definition by smoothening the muscles and highlighting those deeper areas. Just make sure not to use to much or the lighting will reflect off of your body rather than absorb into it which will take focus away from the body.

Holland & Barret- Sea Kelp
Kelp is a herb sourced from the sea. A natural source of the mineral Iodine. Iodine contributes to normal thyroid function and the production of thyroid hormones. This helps with the regulation of the metabolism which converts the fuel in the food we eat into energy. Sea Kelp also helps to promote hair and nail growth. In the six months i have been using this my facial hair has become much thicker and much more even.



Apple- Iphone
So I’ve tried some of the top mobile phone brands including: Blackberry, Samsung and Iphone and I would say Iphone is the best by far! It is so much more responsive than my last ‘Android’ phone and the camera quality is excellent. Earlier this year i was deciding whether to get the latest samsung galaxy S6 or the iphone6s and the main reason i went with Iphone at the time is because the device was about £80 cheaper. I’m glad i decided to go with Iphone as not only do i love the phone but the latest galaxy has dropped right down in price. And of course we’ve all heard about how great there customer service is!

Muscle Food
I’m glad i came across this website. You are able to get a wide selection of meat with no added water or salt at a bargain price. Some meats are actually cheaper than the value meets in our supermarkets! I did have a slight problem with Muscle Food on my first order, but after notifying customer service they resolved my issue immediately. Great products and great customer service!

The Cottage Hair and Beauty Salon.
A friend treated me to a massage at The Cottage Hair and Beauty Salon and the moment i walked in i thought it was such a nice atmosphere. The staff were very welcoming and professional and guided us to the massage room. It could not have been any cosier! The bed was super warm with a heated mattress and quilt, candles were lit and the soothing music was playing. Now i’m used to rushing about and always being on my feet but the moment i laid down for a massage i found it hard resist laying back and relaxing. The massage was so good. The only thing i didn’t like was the moment the masseuse stopped! I highly recommend this place. Worth every penny!