Photo shoots with Phil Snoswell

Phil Snoswell truly was an extraordinary person. I originally shot with him in 2013 and as a result of our shoot I was then able to really spread my wings and expand as a fitness model and get to were I am now.

We decided to shoot again in 2015  and this time we decided to go for a themed cowboy style shoot which was absolutely amazing. This was the first time I’d ever ridden a horse and to be honest i was extremely nervous to start with! By the end of the photo shoot I was not only riding a horse but also leading another horse at the same time.

It was only about 3o minutes in when we all found out I was actually allergic to the horses as  bright red rashes started to appear all over my chest and arms! We still managed to save a lot of the images though and I had so much fun having my little avatar moment learning how to steer, gallop and lead the horses. There was a great group of girls there too and we had such a good time laughing, joking and sharing interests so the day was more than worth it.

Unfortunatly however In May this year (2016) I recieved many messaged telling me Phil had passed away. This really wasn’t easy to take in because I knew how much of a kind, generous and caring guy he was. Everybody spoke very highly of Phil and I can’t speak any higher of him myself.

Ive had some great memories with this guy and I feel so honoured and privileged to have known him. He will never be forgotten!

Thanks for everything Phil, see you on the other side mate!

Rest in peace. x

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