MP Overall Winner 2018

One of the biggest life lessons I have recently learnt is emotional control! The pain and suffering that we all go through can be the fuel to our success!

Earlier this year I found it very hard to feel motivated or excited about anything due to a few unwanted life changes. I already had many projects I was working on but I really needed something to completely change my mind set and focus.

I signed up for Miami Pro and swore to myself to put all of my mixed emotions and feelings into this comp. After the first few weeks of prepping I became obsessed! Literally, every spare second around my day to day tasks I was doing something different to prepare for this comp. I was loving the feeling of being disturbed and forgetting about all the negative crap.

I went a bit far going into an intense Ketogenic diet as well as being on nearly a 1000 calorie deficit but the stress I was putting my mind and body under was keeping me occupied so I just stuck with.

I got up on stage and I had every emotion I could think of: Nerves, worry, excitement, passion, hunger. And It struck me as to why I wanted it so bad in the first place. So I gave it my all and came away with 2 pro cards winning both ‘Fitness Model under 75kg’ and ‘Mr Model’ and just as I thought I couldn’t possibly be any happier I WON THE OVERALL!

So to share my experience and life lesson, every time you take a hit in life don’t sit and dwell on the problem. Just absorb all that fuel, get stuck in and go and gain new strengths!

Thank you Miami Pro! See you next year 

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