Luis Rafael pics 2014

I remember before I got into modelling I used to look at Luis Rafaels images admiring his work and thinking of how much I would love to do a shoot with him.

Although I’m a big believer of ‘The Law of attraction’ (The Secret by Rhonda Byrne) I couldn’t actually see myself working with Luis as I thought he was far to good to be willing to work with me.

Until I went to body power in 2014 and had a shoot with him whilst he was in the area. Luis Raphael has also invited me to go to Miami for another photo shoot and I plan to do so within the next 12 months.

I really couldn’t recommend Luis any higher! He really is a fantastic guy, me and my brother had a really good bond with Luis and it literally felt like we’ve been mates for years.

I can see why he’s got such a big name too, he knows exactly what he wants from the model and he taught me many new tips during the shoot.

And regardless of how many people kept on approaching him and asking him to do a photo shoot or to meet up with him, he invited me and my brother to stay and chill with him and have a pizza. Unfortunately I had to get back as I had work the next day but I think it’s fair to say that pizza has been a long time coming.


See you soon Luis!

Luis Rafael Photography

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