John Mallett

I had the honour of shooting with John Mallett last week (Feb 2017) and it couldn’t have gone any better!

John is very well prepared and knows exactly what he’s after. What I loved most about shooting with John was how much detail and focus he puts in to each and every pose and setting!

It fascinated me that the images he was taking during the shoot were going straight through to his laptop. He then uses these images to help with the collaboration on the shoot. I’ve never come across this before and it’s such a great way to get those eye catching- finishing shots.

John has plenty of equipment and it’s clear he is a serious professional with how much he has committed to his work.

I genuinely really enjoyed our shoot too. He’s very charismatic and really good fun to be around.

Thanks for an amazing experience John.

Check out the pro’s work on his website:

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