Gilles Crofta Pics 2014

It was this guy that made it all happen for me!

Gilles contacted me on Model Mayhem in 2014 and invited me in for a shoot at his studio in Leicester. I was new to the industry and only had a few photoshoots at this point. I looked through Gilles Crofta’s work and seeing how impressive his images were I knew I would be missing out on an amazing opportunity If hadn’t have gone and I am so glad I did because this opportunity turned out to be life changing!

I didn’t actually know who Gilles was at the time but when I first walked into his studio I saw he was a serious photographer and I was clearly punching well above my weight! He had large banners of top fitness models he had shot with all over his studio. His studio set up was incredible and he even had a home gym for his models to use whilst visiting!

I loved our shoot! He taught me so much and he’s the reason why I get all of my modelling work and why I am known in the industry . I’ll always be grateful to Gilles for getting me where I am today!

Gilles does it all! The photography, unbelievably impressive editing skills, hair styling, makeup and he effortlessly brings everything together to make it all happen.

He’s a real pleasure to be around too. We had such a good shoot we decided to carry on with our shoot the following day. I spent a good 8 hours working with this guy and I could have stayed much longer!

I remember the first edit that came through on my Facebook timeline from Gilles. The friend requests were flying through and I had a crazy amount of private messages complimenting me on my physique and commenting on how good the image was.

After all the shoots I’ve had since all I ever hear to this day is. “Your best images are from Gilles Crofta.” Being so popular in the industry Gilles is extremely busy but I think it’s now time I contacted Gilles and booked in our second shoot! Who knows what magic will come out of shoot number two nearly 3 years later! 😀

If you haven’t already you MUST check out Gilles Crofta’s work!

Thank you Gilles for changing my life!

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