Apollo Magazine

I was extremely happy when i got the news from Tom Saint Clair saying we’ve made it into Apollo magazine as the cover and 9 page spread. Tom is a very talented photographer and I love how he puts one hundred percent into everything. The shoot, the final edits and how he practically goes out there to contact different companies and pitches his projects and demonstrates his incredible work!

The whole experience has been fantastic from the shoot itself to the interview process and now in the magazine!

Apollo Male Models magazine is a USA-based publication dedicated to fashion/fitness male models and athletic actors around the world. With readers from all over the globe it focuses on the positive image of man through fitness, fashion, arts, films and entertainment. AMM talks to the male models about the disciplines in becoming the important figures in the industry. AMM also features events such as fashion weeks and fitness model related showcases. AMM thrives to inspire others on healthy habits, perseverance, and great styles drawn from life itself. AMM includes articles and interviews with the professional working male models, action stars, actors, photographers, fashion designers, artists, make-up artists, talent agencies, advertising agencies, athletes and nutritionists. It thrives to inform, entertain, and create jobs for those who work in this exciting industry. Furthermore, students in fine arts, photography, fashion design and physical and fitness can benefit by learning from the interviewees of Apollo Male Models Magazine. AMM also looks at different types of men’s apparel and fashion, as well as discussing a whole range of photography from artistic nudes to high fashion photography. Articles from models, personal trainers and life-style writers will help to complete the magazine.

Reaching out nationally and internationally, its readers range from those who like to keep track of their favorite models, photographers, designers, etc. to the working professionals in the modeling world. Many will come to celebrate the creativities on the pages of Apollo Male Models.

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