Alex Wightman pics

I’m so glad to have shot with the much talked about Alex Wightman ‘Ninja with a camera.’

Not only has he created many images of me that I’m extremely happy with, I’ve also made another great friend.

It makes me laugh that this guy can literally shoot at any location too. I found myself driving around and stopping at random locations thinking. “What are we possibly going to get out of shooting here.” Then looking back at the pictures and thinking oh my god!!!! :p

He’t not called Ninja with a camera for no reason either. If you shoot with Alex you’ll find him jumping around and taking a crazy amount of accurate pictures in a matter of seconds!
In my time with Alex I’ve learnt that he’s not afraid of heights, the cold or getting wet either!!

To sum up his commitment to each shoot: Anything for the perfect picture.

Check out his page to see his most recent images or catch him on one of his many Facebook live streams!

Alex wightman Photography

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