Alain Fenart pics

Well what can I say about Alain,

He is a fantastic host, phenomenal photographer and a great friend!

I first received a message from Alain on my model mayhem account back in July 2013 requesting a shoot with him in Seon, Swizerland. This was another one of my first photo shoots when I started up and we created some fantastic images after the first few hours of shooting together!

It’s always a risk meeting someone you don’t know especially when it’s in a different country but this was certainly a risk worth taking as we are still great friends and shooting together to this day.

I’ve got so much thanks to give to Alain as not only have I got hundred of images from our shooting time together but I’ve had so many great experiences going up there.

I’ve been on multiple cable cars high up into the mountains, visited many luxurious restaurants including Eintracht steak restaurant, I’ve seen some tremendous sites whilst driving, hiking and shooting including mountains, rivers, cities, towns and villages, we’ve travelled all over Switzerland including Zurich, Bern and many other places literally all around the border close to Italy, France and Germany and as to this date I’ve travelled to Switzerland on 4 occasions!

Me and Alain have agreed to shoot together at least once per year now! Mainly to stay in contact but to keep on producing many amazing images of course 😜

Alain invited me on a 2 week holiday in November 2016 to go to Masaya in Nicaragua. It was a great adventure. I lived with a Nicaraguan family for two weeks. We visited volcano’s, went on a number of different tours, visited different cities and went on many planes! The best part of the trip was visiting a canyon. The sites were incredible and we were climbing, jumping, swimming and rowing our way through the caves. It was such a great buzz and swimming through the canyon looking up at the caves around us was absolutely breathtaking! I found a really good gym out there with a crazy hyped atmosphere too, I spent a lot of my time here as the gym had Wi-Fi and I was able to contact my partner who I was really missing back in the UK.

Nobody spoke English there so as you can imagine it was a difficult two weeks trying to communicate with people but I was learning their language more and more as the days were going by. This is definitely one of my biggest adventures I have had and it’s really influenced me to want to visit many more places in the world!

I found it difficult to adapt to the living conditions and lifestyle whilst I was there but it was easily overlooked once I got to know the family and understood the difficulties they were all experiencing and how close this family was. There wasn’t a day that passed by I wasn’t thinking about how great a guy Alain is. I’ve never met anybody that has done so much for somebody and these people were complete strangers to him when they first met!

I can really feel the satisfaction he gets from financially supporting and sharing experiences with these people. If everybody was like Alain and helped people out their  like the Nicaraguan family the world would be a much better place.

I will be forever grateful to Alain as I’ve never been in the position to have had these experiences in the past, but he’s now opened my eyes to what it’s like being a part of a different culture and to witness the difficulties other people are dealing with around the world.

Here’s to many more fantastic memories!

“Danke” Thank you




Cover made by Scott Robinson at Dropout Graphics.

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