Hey guys!

I’m Danny, 29 year old Business owner of Daily Definition Ltd, Personal trainer and Personal Trainer, Online Coach and Fitness Model at DDFitnessworld and i’m mainly known from my appearance on Itv’s This Morning.

Training from the age of 16 I now have over 13 years of experience in the fitness industry. I Initially started training to improve on my confidence and to direct myself and other peoples attention away from my short and skinny build. Fitness for me has now completely transformed my life. I feel much more confident and it’s really helped me to build my character and strengthen as a person overall. The new attributes I have gained on my fitness journey I like to naturally portray to others. Being able to relate to those that lack in confidence just as I did brings me a great level of satisfaction when I’m delivering what I have learnt throughout the years.

My clothing range mission is to inspire and motivate others and encourage people to build and maintain a healthy body as well as becoming more mentally positive each day. I have secretly incorporated my personal life into my brand. My life lessons, main events, best memories, struggles, techniques, and anything that has helped me strengthen as a character. This is all through the positive quotes used in social media posts, the names of my products and locations used for photoshoots etc.

I am much more disciplined and focused than I’ve ever been and have accomplished much more than I thought I ever would. This year I placed 1st place in the Miami Pro World Championships and also came home with the overall win! I was then sponsored by Sentinel Leisure Trust to compete in the Pure Elite Federation just a few weeks after and managed to get get another 1st place. I’ve also got two 1st place wins from MR UK 2014 and Norwich Model of the year locally in 2013.

To me, helping people achieve their goals and improve on their confidence brings me a great level of satisfaction and that’s the main reason why I’m here!

My intention is to get you in the best condition you have ever been in by personally working with you on a one-to-one basis to get you to a point where you believe in yourself 100%.

My clients benefit from my ability to provide strong guidance and direction in a supportive and safe environment. By choosing me as a Personal Trainer I will be committed to providing you with an exceptional one-to-one personal training experience by lifting you up with a maximal amount of focus, knowledge and motivation. Whilst sharing my top secret tips along the way of course. 😛

I love to train! I love to teach! and I’m here to make sure you get the results you’re looking for! Whether you want to melt off that ‘Body Fat’, shred-up on ‘Muscle Definition’ or get rock-hard, lean muscle mass with ‘Strength and Size’ I’ve got the tools for you.

Now that I have my pro status I will be training clients to compete in competitions themselves. Starting with my brother Matt Dobson who will be competing in the Miami Pro competition next year!

The next goal for me is to compete in the Pure Elite Pro division in November and the Miami Pro Pro division next year. Following on to compete in WBFF shortly after as well as opening my own gym within the next few years.

I’ve massively enjoyed the fitness lifestyle since the very first day I stepped into the gym and I love it just as much to this day. And I’m here to make sure you have the exact same experience and me.

So lets get you started! Head over to the Packages page on my website and get yourself started with a workout and/or nutrition plan…

Thanks for reading and hope to work with you soon x

“Never lose sight of your first intentions, make your dreams a reality. Commitment motivation and willpower is everything!”- Danny Dobson


FULL NAME: Daniel Robert Ian Dobson


DATE OF BIRTH: October 12, 1988

HEIGHT: 5 ft 7″ (170 cm)

WEIGHT: 12.5 stone (80kg) Competition weight: (72-75kg)

PLACE OF BIRTH: Leicestershire, United Kingdom

RELIGION: Christianity

OCCUPATION: Self-employed Personal Trainer at DDFW and owner of Daily Definition Ltd.


> Level 3 Personal Trainer
> Level 3 GP Referral
> Level 2 Gym Instructor
> Nutrition Advisor
— — — — — — — — — — — —
> Appeared Live on Itv’s / This Morning
> Miami Pro Overall winner 2018
> Miami Pro 1st place Fitness Model 2018
> Miami Pro 1st place Mr Model 2018
> Pure Elite 1st place Fitness Model 2018
> Pure Elite 2nd place International Model 2018
> Mister Suprernational Great Britain 2014
> Launched Daily Definition Clothing Brand 2014
> Created and Hosted ‘Norwich City Charity Event 2014 (Raised over £1700 for 2 charities – THE BIG C and CHILDREN ON THE EDGE)
> Norwich Model of the Year 2013
> Anglian Bodybuilding Championships 3rd Place Novice 2011
> Hold 3 Gold medals and 3 Silver Medals in Judo