Pure Elite 2018

Competing in Pure Elite was a completely unexpected and spontaneous decision. I put so much work into preparing for the Miami Pro Competition on April 15th and had an all out food binge afterwards. Many people were rooting for me to go for the Pure Elite Federation but I completely overlooked it as I hadn’t planned for it. After a lot of indecisive brainstorming with family, friends and work colleagues the company I work for Sentinel Leisure Trust offered to sponsor me for the Pure Elite Comp. This was the final push I needed which made me go for it! The only problem was, I gained a lot of body fat a few days after Miami Pro and I had just under 2 weeks until the Pure Elite show day on April 28th.

It was a very tough battle sweating and starving off the additional body fat I’d gained after the last comp and I put my body under so much stress I actually became quite ill. I’ve learnt a lot from this strict, unprepared event and will make sure to avoid feeling as low as this again by being more prepared and cheating smart after the next competition/s and not leaving myself too little time to get ready.

Anyway, I really rated the Pure Elite Federation. It was very well organised and I loved the way they emphasised everyone being part of the pure elite family. Everyone was bouncing positive vibes off each other on the day, cheering each other on and sharing knowledge.

The best thing about competing in Pure Elite was sharing the experience with my brother. The road trip up there, hotel, insta stories and the glorious victory cheat meal at the very end 😉

After a very intense few weeks I was awarded with the under 75kg Fitness Model 1st place trophy and came 2nd in the International Model category! I couldn’t believe it as the line up this time round was so much harder. My competitors looked phenomenal and that in itself felt very rewarding! 

After meeting so many incredible athletes I thought I would take advantage of being around so much talent and invite these god like creatures to become a part of my brand. I recruited many new sponsored athletes that have proven to be great assets already and have really helped towards the success of my brand- Daily Definition Ltd. Some of these new recruits are: Philip Clements and Ciaran Coyle the 2nd and 3rd place winners standing either side of me in the winners pic above!

I’ve now taken on new clients to prepare for future competitions including my brother Matt Dobson who will be competing in both the Pure Elite and Miami Pro Federations next year!

I am so grateful to Sentinel Leisure Trust for sponsoring me for the Pure Elite competition as I wouldn’t have gone for it without them! And after receiving the results it had proven to be more than worth while! This was the most stress I’ve ever put my body under but now I know what extremes I am able to push myself I can bring this and an even bigger package to the Pure Elite Pro division later this year!

I’m very proud to be a part of the Pure Elite Family!



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