My Recommendations


Vo5 Matt Clay
I’ve found this works best with my hair. I used to use hair gel but i found this was much too heavy and even after plastering my hair with hairspray afterwards it would stick to my head like a swimming hat the moment it starter raining. Matt clay holds my hair in place without giving it that cheap wet look which darkens the hair colour. I keep full volume and colour and is stays in place all day long! Also you only need to use a tiny amount as it’s so effective, so works out being cheaper than most other hair products too 😀

Johnsons baby oil
Yep, even in my adult life! This stuff works a treat on my skin. I’ve tried many creams but nothing moisturizes better than Johnsons baby oil! I smother my body with this stuff before going on the tanning beds and it really enhances my tan. And you’ll never see me without a bottle when I’m on a photoshoot. Baby oil really helps to bring out the muscle definition by smoothening the muscles and highlighting those deeper areas. Just make sure not to use to much or the lighting will reflect off of your body rather than absorb into it which will take focus away from the body.

Holland & Barret- Sea Kelp
Kelp is a herb sourced from the sea. A natural source of the mineral Iodine. Iodine contributes to normal thyroid function and the production of thyroid hormones. This helps with the regulation of the metabolism which converts the fuel in the food we eat into energy. Sea Kelp also helps to promote hair and nail growth. In the six months i have been using this my facial hair has become much thicker and much more even.



Apple- Iphone
So I’ve tried some of the top mobile phone brands including: Blackberry, Samsung and Iphone and I would say Iphone is the best by far! It is so much more responsive than my last ‘Android’ phone and the camera quality is excellent. Earlier this year i was deciding whether to get the latest samsung galaxy S6 or the iphone6s and the main reason i went with Iphone at the time is because the device was about £80 cheaper. I’m glad i decided to go with Iphone as not only do i love the phone but the latest galaxy has dropped right down in price. And of course we’ve all heard about how great there customer service is!

Muscle Food
I’m glad i came across this website. You are able to get a wide selection of meat with no added water or salt at a bargain price. Some meats are actually cheaper than the value meets in our supermarkets! I did have a slight problem with Muscle Food on my first order, but after notifying customer service they resolved my issue immediately. Great products and great customer service!

The Cottage Hair and Beauty Salon.
A friend treated me to a massage at The Cottage Hair and Beauty Salon and the moment i walked in i thought it was such a nice atmosphere. The staff were very welcoming and professional and guided us to the massage room. It could not have been any cosier! The bed was super warm with a heated mattress and quilt, candles were lit and the soothing music was playing. Now i’m used to rushing about and always being on my feet but the moment i laid down for a massage i found it hard resist laying back and relaxing. The massage was so good. The only thing i didn’t like was the moment the masseuse stopped! I highly recommend this place. Worth every penny!


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