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▪️£40 for 1hour booking.
▪️£30 p/h when you book 2 hours.
▪️£25 p/h when you book 3hours or more.

▪️Or book me in for £20 p/h when you book the full day- Maximum time 10 hours

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Fitness | Fashion | Themed | Portrait | Commercial | Promotional | Duo

Photographers worked with: Market Gates Shopping Center, Justin Taylor, Alex Wightman, Danny Shaw, Mark Peers, Julian Osbourne, Cal MacDougall, John Mallett, Tom Saint Clair, Dale Wordley, Joe Lenton, Simon Barnes, Alain Fenart, Luis Rafael, Gilles Crofta, Nigel Harvey, Phil Snoswell, John Cowan, Anthony Goodrum, David Nelson, Brians Camera Club, Andrew Bowman, Gary Holmes, Nic Skerton, Denise Brady, Deborah Pendell, Gary Thomas, Jon Harrison, Matthew Birch, Neil Baxter, Niall Miller, Tracy Habgood,

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